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What is a Domain Name ? MoreYou need to register your chosen Domain Name, e.g. so that you have exclusive use of it as your website's address.

Prices below are the same for new domain name registrations, domain transfers and renewals. You may transfer your existing domains to us for free.

If you are shopping around on price alone please read the fine print from other registrars before you register cheap domains. Make sure that your domain name renewal price is the same as your initial registration price. Check also that support is handled in Australia.

Don't forget we also include Free Email Forwarding, Premium URL Forwarding, Free DNS Editor (often an extra cost) and most importantly our Friendly Local Support.

Domain Names Explained

You need to register your Domain Name to secure that web address for your website.
Your Domain Name is then pointed to your Hosting Account, this is where your website and emails live 24/7.

Typically we'd suggest a domain name as it makes your site instantly recognisable as an Australian site.

You will need to justify your purchase to the Australian Registry (AUDA). Usually this involves quoting your ABN or ACN, which must refer to a relevant, or closely related company. If you're not sure you will qualify for an Australian domain name, you should submit your registration anyway, as you won't be charged should your attempt fail.

Here's a complete guide to eligibility for Australian Domain Names.

Contact Us and we'll be happy to advise you.

Do I just need one Domain Name ?

Yes that's all you need but many people buy several versions to protect themselves from competitors who may get hold of similar names.

You may decide to secure the .com version as well as the Also it's wise to consider registering variations of your business name. 

e.g. AustralianBikeRental, AussieBikeRental, AusBikeRental and so on.

Remember that there are now hundreds of new domain name types (extensions) available.

e.g. AustralianBike.rental    more info here

.golf .graphics .holiday .financial .cheap .estate .city .kiwi .school .properties   It's a long list..

Remember all your domain names can be pointed to the one website if you choose.


Domain Name Prices

  Valid from 12/07/2017

$49.95 1 YEAR
$38 1 YEAR
$38 1 YEAR
$29.95 1 YEAR
$29.95 1 YEAR
$29.95 1 YEAR
$29.95 1 YEAR
$76 2 YEARS
$76 2 YEARS
$59.91 2 YEARS
$59.91 2 YEARS
$44.95 1 YEAR
$44.95 1 YEAR
$59.91 2 YEARS
$59.91 2 YEARS
$29.95 1 YEAR
$66 2 YEARS
$66 2 YEARS
$66 2 YEARS
$39.95 1 YEAR
$89.95 1 YEAR
$89.95 1 YEAR
$59.95 1 YEAR
$49.50 1 YEAR
$39.95 1 YEAR
$49.95 1 YEAR

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$38 inc GST

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