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    "My emails arn't working..."

    It's our number one most frequently asked question. This page is here to help, grab a coffee and let's get started.

    1. Access your emails directly from your website

    Keeps you going while you sort out your email program (Outlook) issues.

    Go here:

    Username = Your full email address, e.g.

    Password = Your email password for this email account1

    Choose one of the three email systems e.g. RoundCube, click Inbox and away you go.


    1If you don't know your email password, you can login to your site's hosting control panel (cPanel), like this:
    username (often the first 8 characters of your domain name)
    cPanel password

    Then go to Email Accounts and you can reset your email password.

    If you don't know your cPanel login, you'll need to contact us.


    2. Microsoft Outlook, love it or loathe it, a lot of people do use this email program.

    There are various versions, but you need to find your account settings. Something like Tools / Accounts or File /Account Settings /Account Settings (again) then choose the email you want to change.

    There are two different systems, POP & IMAP, let's start with the most common, POP.


    Make sure your settings are similar to this example. Note that the Mail Servers are mail dot, and not mail @

    outlook settings


    Ok, so now click More Settings... then click the Advanced tab.

    Make sure you have the correct Port Numbers as below, 110 & 587.


     outlook advanced settings



    IMAP is often used if you want to check your emails from more than one device. E.g. on your phone and your computer.

    Follow the instructions above but change the following two settings:

    Account Type IMAP instead of POP3

    Incoming Mail Port = 143 instead of 110



    'OK' that and test, should be ok. If it's not:

    1. Login using Webmail (section 1 above) to check that you have the correct email password.

    2. Carefully check your settings in Outlook.

    3. If it still fails, note any error messages and let us know exactly what's happening. For example is it sending but not recieving etc.

    4. Multiple failed attempts with a wrong password will cause you to be blocked by our firewall. You can either wait for this to expire in 24 hours or contact us with your IP Address. We can then un-block you.
    To get your IP Address, just go to this website:
    Your IP Address will be a series of numbers similar to this 123.456.78.900




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