• How do I set up an Add-on Domain ?

    Each hosting account allows a number of Add-on Domains to be set up. This means you can use your hosting account for several different websites.

    Setting up an Add-on Domain creates a new folder within the public_html directory of your website hosting space. You upload the website for the Add-on domain into this folder.

    To set up an Add-on domain, first change the DNS of your new domain to match your main domain.
    For most of our customers this will be:

    Go to where you registered your domain to change your DNS settings. Keep in mind that this DNS change can take up to 24-48 hrs to be recognised and take effect globally (propagate).

    Next, log into your website hosting account cPanel and click on Addon Domains in the Domains section.

    Enter the domain eg:

    In the next field (Username/directory/subdomain), enter the name you want the directory in public_html to be called.

    Password: This can be anything you like. (It will only be used if you want to give someone an FTP account with access only to this new directory. Most people will never use this password)

    Set up the add-on domain. You can then upload the new website into the folder that was created inside public_html.

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