• How to set up email accounts in my hosting cPanel ?

    cPanel Control Panel email Setup Tutorial.

    This tutorial shows you how to set up an email account in your web site hosting account cPanel control panel.

    After you have set up email accounts in cPanel you will be able to send and receive emails from your domain using webmail or using an email program on your computer such as Outlook, Thunderbird etc.

    Setting up email accounts in cPanel.

    Step 1) To set up email accounts you need to log in to cPanel. To login to cPanel type in the address bar of your internet browser. Replace with your actual domain name.

    Type in Your Username and Password ( which can be found in the New Account Information email you received when you bought our hosting ).

    Step 2) Click the Email Accounts icon 

    email accounts


    Step 3) Choose an email account name and enter it in to the email: box.

    add email account

    Then choose a suitable password. Choose a password that is easy to remember but would be hard for anyone to guess. Best passwords are those which contain a combination of numbers and letters lower & uppercase. You can let the system choose a password for you if you prefer.

    Type your chosen password in to the Password: Box. The default Quota per mail box is 250 Mb. If may want to increase your quota or have an unlimited* quota. (*unlimited up to your hosting account's general disk space allowance)

    Note: If your email account becomes full, or if your Hosting account disk space is filled-up, all mail sent to you will not be able to be delivered.

    Please be sure to always allow yourself enough Quota to receive mail and remember to check your email account for mail regularly.

    Congratulations. You have set up an email account in cPanel.

    You may like to refer to our other FAQ wuth illustrated instructions for setting  up Outlook (etc) to read your mail: How to setup Outlook to read your email

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