Changes to Hosting Plans, March 2019

Increased Hosting Plan Prices

You probably don't think much about your website/email hosting - that's a good thing !

We aim to provide a worry free service with our owner Paul personally overseeing all hosting accounts.

Long term customers will know that we haven't adjusted our hosting prices for more than a decade, however we now have to make small increases of $20 p.a. across
all hosting plans to keep up with our increasing costs. This includes the ever increasing cost of wholesale server space of the quality we demand.

We always put quality first and we offer what we believe to be some of the highest specified, most secure Australia-based website hosting available.
Our hosting is backed with our renowned personal service which we have been told many times sets us apart from the big discount hosters.

Our prices will increase from March 31st 2019, as follows. Increased rates will apply to your next renewal after that date.

Bronze Hosting Plan (1Gb) was $165 increases to $185 p.a.

Silver Hosting Plan (2Gb) was $199 increases to $219 p.a.

Gold Hosting Plan (4Gb) was $299 increases to $319 p.a.

In addition we are adding a

Platinum Hosting Plan ($419 p.a.)

for customers with very high disk space demands of 4Gb to 10Gb.


Hosting Plans will automatically upgrade when over-size

The other change you should be aware of is that we're automating the hosting plan upgrade system.

So if you go over your allocated disk space for more than 30 days, our system will move you up to the next hosting plan and a pro-rata invoice will be generated for the remaining time until your renewal date.

We will contact you in advance so that you're aware of any disk space issues, giving you time to reduce the usage if you wish to prevent the auto-upgrade.

We'd like to thank you for sticking with us as we've grown since 1998 and please don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of further help.

Paul Jenkins
Owner AISweb

An important note about Email Storage.

These days most people use the IMAP email system, that is, emails remain on the server after they have been read.

The logic is that they remain on the server, should you also need to access them from another device, for example a phone.

The downside is that unless you delete old emails regularly, your emails will quickly take up a lot of storage space.

There are several options if this is a problem for you, including separating your website hosting from your email hosting.

Please Contact Us to if you'd like to discuss options.


Meet the team

  • Paul
    Paul Head Honcho. Programmer since the days before the internet.
  • Bronwyn
    Bronwyn Financial and admin genius. Colour consultant extraordinaire.
  • Andy
    Andy Database supremo, expert coder. 2D and 3D graphics wizard.
  • Coreyna
    Coreyna Joomla guru, CSS savant, all round website virtuoso.
  • Evyn
    Evyn Trainee coder, tester and suggester of great ideas.