SSL Security Certificates

Essential Security For Your Website - Google is killing the insecure web.

You know your bank website is secure because you see two things:

1. The web address begins with httpS:// That S there stands for Secure.

2. You see a small Padlock icon similar to this      padlock icon

What that tells you is that your bank's website has an SSL Security Certificate.

That certificate encodes traffic to and from the website, making it much safer.

Do I need one ?

It's a very good idea for three reasons:

1. Simply it keeps your website and it's users much safer.

2. Google penalises non-SSL protected websites in it's search results. It's now showing warnings like this:  not secure

3. Starting in early 2017 web browsers (eg Chrome, Firefox etc) are starting to show warnings on all non-secure websites where there is a login of any kind.

You may have already seen this kind of thing

login warning

This is not reassuring to your customers !



Fortunately we can supply, install and configure an SSL Security Certificate for you in a matter of hours.

For just $150 inc GST p.a. this will give you increased security, better Google results and peace of mind.


 We'll be in touch asap to explain what happens next.

Or simply CONTACT US for helpful advice :-)

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